Our Team

President and CEO - Zach Husted

In addition to over 20 years of experience in marketing, Zach served in the Air National Guard for 12 years. Zach honorably completed four tours to the Middle East while supporting many domestic missions and state-side temporary deployments. During Zach’s time in the military, he developed a strong love for coffee and realized the value and comfort of a cup of coffee.  

Bringing people together is one of Zach's superhero strengths, and what better way to bring people together than through coffee? Creating a way to support others has always been a passion and a natural center for Zach. While building solid teams and advocating for military benefits and veteran services, Zach strives to create a way to put good energy back into local communities and people. 

A solid foundation is key to many of the challenges we face; once balance and harmony get disrupted, the pillars start to falter around veterans, disrupting the harmony and balance in their lives. Our goal at Pillars of Valor is to help partner with veteran organizations to help restore harmony and balance, one cup of coffee at a time. 

Our Designer - Jen Wahl

With almost 20 years of design experience and creativity fueled by coffee, Jen is passionate about mixing her design talents with coffee for a bigger purpose, mission, and vision. Jen understands the simplicity of design and how to help directly connect people with art visually.

Restoring support and providing help to others is a passion for Jen that fuels her heart and soul.