Our Mission N

Our Coffee Doesn’t Just Taste Good; it Does Good.

As Pillars of Valor grows, one of our core promises and commitments is to share how the dollars support the veteran community. Our Veteran-Owned Coffee Company has one goal, It's Simple, Create a lifestyle brand and products that people love, for one purpose, to raise money to support veterans.    

We are committed to transparency regarding the impact of giving back to the veteran community. Our long-term goal is to put the keys to a new home in the hands of 1 veteran a year, generate resources to support veterans with mental health issues, and provide them resources to re-establish harmony and balance in daily life. 

  • Customer Satisfaction

    As a veteran-owned coffee company, it's our goal to ensure that we strive for exceptional customer service. However, we know that it can't always be true. So, if you are unsatisfied with your order, please let us know so we can make it right for you and our next customers.

  • Freshness Factor

    All orders are roasted and packaged at the time of shipment to ensure the freshest beans possible. 

  • Coffee Sourcing / Partnerships

    Responsible Sourcing starts with intentional partnerships. We carefully choose to work with companies that hold the highest standards of business practices, with a focus on sustainability and philanthropy.

    We focus on direct trade and responsibly sourced green coffees, with a desire to know more than the country where it originates and unique flavor notes. Our Roaster studies the farms and the farmer's path from our coffee origin to our roastery in the heart of Uptown in Minneapolis.

  • Blends

    Our blended coffees are built around taste and familiarity, with enough nuances to keep each sip exciting. In addition, we provide rotating Single-Origin coffees chosen for every farm's unique character.

  • Roasting

    Our roasting equipment has touchscreen automation, vacuum elevator loading, auto hopper, and an auto roast chamber door. It's rated as low-emission, energy-efficient, and is known for being highly consistent, which helps with our taste consistency.

  • Return and Shipping Policy

    All sales are final and we do not accept returns.

    We ship our orders out every Tuesday and Thursday, excluding Holidays.